Robot delivery dogs are coming to the cities soon

Research predicts that most manual labour jobs would be automated in the near future and the delivery job isn't left out of this tech revolution. In fact, a recent study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reveals that automation will likely impact more industries than previously thought according to LinkedIn Business.
Continental robot delivery dogs

Continental showcased its autonomous delivery robot dogs at CES 2019 which would handle delivery jobs which would be deployed by driverless vehicles to facilitate quick/late deliveries. The system is reportedly designed to increase availability, efficiency and safety in the realm of package delivery. 

The first part is the driverless vehicle itself, called the Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE). Its specific purpose is to carry delivery robot dogs and deploy them to handle the last yards of the goods. So, imagine one of these CUbE pods dropping off a robot dog, and then seeing that robot dog run up to your door with your package.

Continental robot delivery dogs

“With the help of robot delivery, Continental’s vision for seamless mobility can extend right to your doorstep. Our vision of cascaded robot delivery leverages a driverless vehicle to carry delivery robots, creating an efficient transport team,” Continental Head of Systems and Technology, Chassis & Safety division Ralph Lauxmann said in a press release. “Both are electrified, both are autonomous and, in principle, both can be based on the same scalable technology portfolio." 

"These synergies create an exciting potential for holistic delivery concepts using similar solutions for different platforms. Beyond this technology foundation, it’s reasonable to expect a whole value chain to develop in this area.”

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