Watch as this jet-propulsion school bus races down the road

A man named Gerd Habermann and his racing team did a tremendous job in revamping and upgrading a big yellow school bus engine to high-performance. This is some crazy stuff!

With the purpose of simply going fast rather than safely transporting dozens of little humans to their place of educational development, the Jet School Bus is a dragster fitted with a turbine jet engine that's topped off with an afterburner. The jet bus showed off its massive power at the Flame and Thunder 2018 event at Santa Pod Raceway in England. 

According to VeeDubRacing (via YouTube), the bus uses a Westinghouse J-34 turbine engine. Originally built in the '40s, the additional afterburner pushes the capability to 5,000 pounds of thrust. This type of engine was used in numerous fighter jets back in the day, including the F2H Banshee, the F3D Skyknight, and the P-2 Neptune. Specs on the GH Racing website rate the bus at 19,726 mechanical horsepower.

VeeDub claims the bus is capable of finishing the quarter mile in under 10 seconds and around 175 mph in optimal runs, but due to subpar weather, the bus only had one go at it on this day. As seen in the video, this try clocked 11.20 at 127 mph. Watch as the bus fires up the engine and spits flames at the starting line before taking off.

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