Ford's F-Vision electric self-driving truck concept is so cool

Ford’s Turkish truck subsidiary has unveiled a new electric and autonomous truck concept, F-Vision, at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 show in Hannover, Germany.

Many truck makers are currently working on electric trucks program and now Ford Otosan is revealing its own effort.

They wrote about the truck:

“F-Vision, our first concept car we prepared for the future, marked the Hannover Commercial Vehicle Fair with its striking details. Stay tuned to get to know our concept tool F-Vision, which is designed with the vision of the Turkish designers and engineers who shape the future.”

Here’s a video of the concept that was released this week:

Details are sparse about the F-Vision, however Ford did note that it is battery-powered and it is equipped with level 4 autonomous driving. Right now, it’s just a concept and it doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to production.

The truck even works with a concept trailer, which isn’t a practical commercial application. They didn’t release any plan for production. It follows the unveiling of several electric truck concepts, like the e-Fuso, but other manufacturers are also making real electric trucks aimed for series production.

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