Volvo's jaw-dropping future truck - Vera

Volvo just startled the world with the most innovative truck design ever! This literally overshadows the Audi Future Truck I published last year. 

Volvo's self-driving future truck
Meet Vera, the self-driving truck with no cabin. It's a working concept and Volvo has decided to let us in on how it works. Make no mistakes, this truck cannot be driven as it is specifically designed to be fully autonomous and electric too!

Volvo's self-driving truck

Vera would operate on a cloud-based system, speeding up worldwide business of haulage and logistics. The truck will most likely operate efficiently in busy areas like ports and warehouses. 

According to Mikael Karlsson, Vice President Autonomous Solutions at Volvo Trucks, “Vera is still under development, as we need to take steps to secure safety aspects and can deliver a premium experience to our customers."

Volvo's self-driving truck

“Round the clock operations could mean faster delivery times for consumer products. Moreover, since the vehicles are electric, society can benefit from reduced noise, road congestion and exhaust emissions.”

The chassis itself uses Volvo’s existing electric truck powertrain, which has a 185kW motor and has a range of up to 186 miles. It’ll also pull a standard trailer with loads of up to 32 tonnes.

Take a look at the Vera Truck in action!

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