The moment when Antonov An-2T BiPlane crashed at Chernoye Airport

Video by Женя Вертолет

On Saturday 2nd September 2017, an Antonov An-2T biplane was performing a display flight at an airshow at Chernoye Airport when it impacted the runway, killing both occupants.

RA-35171 took off at 12:11 and after circling at 400 m, began aerobatics maneuvers over the runway. The aircraft was coming out of a barrel roll and was turning onto runway heading. Altitude was lost during a sharp left-hand turn. The wings contacted the ground and the aircraft impacted the grass runway inverted.

The aircraft slid across the grass and a post-impact fire erupted. The Russian aviation regulator Rosaviatsia reported that the Certificate of Airworthiness of the aircraft expired almost 5 years ago – in November 2012.

Additionally, both crew members did not have an An-2 type rating. The aerobatics maneuvers performed by the aircraft were not allowed on the An-2.

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