China set to launch first solar superhighway that will charge electric cars in 2022

Asian tech giant, China is gearing up towards the fulfillment of its first solar-powered superhighway which is expected to be open to traffic by 2022, reinforcing electric and autonomous vehicles in the ecosystem.

China set to launch solar superhighway that will charge electric cars in 2022

The highway will consist of six lanes, going by the name Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Ningbo Expressway in East China's Zhejiang Province. It will unarguably be incorporated with massive solar panels that will charge electric vehicles and also should be able to support automatic driving, according to media reports.

Designed to enable travel at China's top speed limit of 120 kilometers an hour, it will be a 161-kilometer expressway linking Hangzhou and Ningbo.

"The super expressway is expected to increase the average speed by 20 to 30 percent through smart system and vehicle management, as close to the design speed as possible," Hangzhou Daily Press Group reported, citing Ren Zhong, deputy director of the provincial department of transport.

The expressway will also provide an adaptive road environment for automatic driving which should reduce damage from traffic accidents, the Hangzhou Daily said.

The road will literally empower electric vehicles through photovoltaic cells that provide a charging service as cars move. The expressway is expected to help release passenger traffic pressure in the Yangtze River Delta, Sun noted.

The expressway will also feature a comprehensive sensing, monitoring and early warning system to reduce traffic congestion.

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