Meet these Robot who is actually a museum tour guide

Of course by now they should be doubt that we are currently in the age of robotics. Right now we can find robots almost everywhere from homes to offices, to schools. Apparently now, we can even now find a robot in one of the world's most prestigious learning institution. The Smithsonian Institute. 
A museum tour guide robot
Your new friend 

In recent times, SoftBank’s Pepper the humanoid robot has held a variety of odd jobs over the past few years, but a jon at the Smithsonian may be its most popular yet. Soon, visitors can be able to interact with Pepper at six Smithsonian locations to inquire more museum information, play games, or ask it to pose for a selfie. What's more, It even has its own security badge.

Suprisingly, Unlike a few other commercial locations, the Smithsonian didn’t actually buy Pepper robots for the museum. SoftBank donated 25 humanoid robots as part of an experimental program to attract people to “under-attended galleries,” which the company believes can help boost visitors’ engagement with artwork and help docents an interactive tool for educating their tour groups. SoftBank says more Pepper robots will be deployed in additional Smithsonian locations over the summer. 

Well guys this is the world we live in today. If we can have sex robots, having a robot to help out in our museums is not a terrible idea. 

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