This Vacuum Cleaner is something special. You would be surprised

While you might not think that it is that big of a technological product, the vacuum cleaner especially the cordless one is. Infact it has arguably contributed arguably to the hygiene of households in the modern society than any other household appliance. And in the vacuum cleaning industry, there is one market leader and that is Dyson. 

Dyson recently released its flagship product the V10. And it comes with some pretty features over the previous generation. Like the motor, which used to sit perpendicular with the dust bin, has been swung 90 degrees to sit inline with the bin and the suction tube. This design makes for a more efficient motor, but it also redistributes the weight above the handle, so the vacuum is easier to hold. Dyson also swapped the old steel spinning shaft for a stiffer and lighter ceramic one. The new motor can spin at an amazing 125,000 rpm, or just over 2,000 times per second.
One of the most advanced vacuum cleaners you can find.
So small, yet so mighty. 
Furthermore the battery pack seemingly grows smaller and more powerful with every version of the V-series vacuums. The V10's battery provides an impressive full hour of vacuuming per charge. That's up from 40 minutes in the V8. A row of lights on the battery tells you how much charge is left, and there are lights to tell you if the suction passageway is blocked and whether the filter is working properly. When the filter warning lights up, it's either time to take the filter out and rinse it clean, or you just forgot to put the filter back in. This can be a very useful feature to have. 

Also, The bin is 40 percent bigger, at least on the two premium versions of the V10; the cheapest V10 uses the old bin size. There's also a new mechanism inside the bin for pushing debris into the trash. It's a little red lever that you press toward the floor. It scrapes the dust and dirt down from the upper part of the bin where your fingers can't reach.

Dyson has made three models to pick from. The entry-level Cyclone V10 Motorhead which starts from $499 has the current-size bin and comes with the bare minimum of attachments, but you get the new motor head with the toggle switch on the front. The Cyclone V10 Animal from $599 is the model pet owners should consider, since, in addition to the new motor head, you get Dyson's small cleaner head with spinning bristles for picking up cat and dog hair off couches, curtains, and upholstered chairs. This is also the first model to come with the new, larger dust bin. The deluxe model, the $699 Cyclone V10 Absolute, comes with all the attachments. You get the new motor head, the spinning brush for pet hair, all the standard tools, plus Dyson's fluffy roller head for hard flooring.

Yes, yes I hear you. 700 dollars for a vacuum machine! But to be honest you are buying something special here. Dyson is unarguably the best when it comes to this business. So the quality is definitely guranteed. Just think of Dyson like the Apple of Vacuum cleaners. That should make the pill easier to swallow. 

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