These are Seven things you should never post on Facebook

While we just wrote a post on how Facebook is trying put its past behind and change for the better, no one can deny that we are still in the era of "Facebookgate". 
These are do and don't for Facebook
They love your data 

Thus while we are truly supposed to be concerned with what these social media companies do with our data, we also have a responsibility of what we should post online. So here are 7 different things for you not to post online. 

1. Your Home or Work Address. Obviously do you want everyone to know where exactly you stay? 

2. Kids Photos. Some certain children pictures might not only piss off your teenage children, but can reveal a bit too much private info. 

3. Vacation plans. Good you are going on Holiday. Your posts made me know. They can also make a criminal know who might want to attack you there, or your empty house. 

4. Password Clues. This is easy enough. You really do not want anyone knowing the key to your online services just by looking at your Facebook page. 

5. Social media quizzes. Not only are sometimes some of these Internet quizzes are annoying, they can also be malicious software tricking you to divulge important information. 

6. Private photos. On the Internet, nothing is ever secret. So if you feel like sending some information worthy of being called secret, send it through secret means. Just don't post it for the whole world too see. 

7. Credit card or Financial information. This goes without saying. You love your money, so do we. So you do not want to loose it. Thus, don't post your card details online. 

So know that you know what and what not to do, Happy Internet Life. 

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