Samsung just released the J2 pro. A smart phone that can't go online and is to help students

In South Korea, Samsung’s home country, studying is much more important than you think. They have a test called the South Korea’s “College Scholastic Ability Test”, a university entrance exam that just about stops the nation. So important is the test that roads are cleared to make sure students can reach testing centres on time, while even airline schedules are changed to keep noise low near impacted schools. Korean teens are basically expected to do little but study for the test for a year.
The smartphone intends to help students study better
Small but Student Friendly 

That is why Samsung has made a phone called the Galaxy J2 pro to encourage students to study. Samsung says it is a product that blocks mobile data such as 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi, and needs to focus on learning and needs of senior users who are sensitive to data charges. 

Therefore they made the phone entirely study focused. It can TXT, make voice calls call, take pictures (8MP front camera, 5MP rear) and not much else. The 126.4mm screen at 540 x 960 falls short of HDTV, so even loading up some video into the SD-Card slot won’t result in stellar vision. There is a music app and a radio app, which could chew up some time. But the rest of the baked-in apps are all business, including a voice recording program and a Korean-English dictionary to help with study. There’s even a removable battery so that students can keep that voice recorder going for all of South Korea’s long school days, should the 2,600mAh battery goes down.

Samsung is so serious about this that it would reimburse students with the 180 dollars they used in purchasing the phone when they buy a more powerful phone after the tests. We don't know whether Samsung would sell the phone outside South Korea, but if it does, it would be useful as an Holiday phone for those that want to escape from the Internet for a few days. 

It is great to see one of the biggest companies in the world try to truly create a positive change in students life. 

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