Russia launches another missile again, nicknamed the "satellite killer".

The Russians ain't chilling. The Russians ain't chilling. Who knows what the deal is between Russians and Missiles. Like why do they love it so much. Don't they know that those things can literally destroy the planet. Recently, Vladimir Putin’s defence ministry released footage showing off the “satellite killer” – a weapon designed to obliterate enemy spies in orbit.

The Video shows the rocket being loaded into a silo from the back of a massive loader truck. It then erupts in a fireball with a blinding flash as it shoot straight up into the sky - flaunting Russia’s latest shocking military capability. All of these is coamid heightened tensions between the West and Russia over the poisoning of MI6 double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Both sides still remain at loggerheads with Russia still denying any involvement as the world unfortunately plunges towards a new Cold War.Major General Andrey Prikhodko said: “A new upgraded anti-ballistic missile has successfully accomplished its task and struck a conventional target at the designated time.”

The weapons system is simply called 53T6 in Moscow, and is known to NATO as Gazelle. The missile is reported by the Russian media to be a part of the A-135 anti-missile shield designed to protect the Kremlin against nuclear strikes. It is comprised of dozens of interceptor missiles and sophisticated early warning radars.
Peace in the world. All we want is peace in the world. 

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