Porshe is planning something big in the US for Next year

Porshe is apparently really into the electric car game. Apart from releasing their special Mission E, they are also planning another big thing. Thus time they are investing in electric charging stations. 
Electric car charging Infrastructures
This Baby would need some Juice

Recently, Porsche told Automotive News that they are planning on installing 500 fast charging stations across the US by the end of 2019, just in time for the launch of the production version of its Mission E electric sports car.

And for those worrying about speed of charging, fear not. Porshe has got you guys covered. An Electrek report says that Porsche is working on 350 kW charging, which is a lot faster than the 40 kW that Is usually found in Other car manufacturers charging stations.

So Porshe has finally given you one more reason why you should buy its Mission E. Now you can look cool, and save the environment. Just like this superstars. 

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