Maybe it is good thing Facebook is reading our messages

With all the hullabaloo that has been going on with Facebook, the fact that the company recently confessed that it scans and sometimes reads messages that are being sent through its messenger platform. And on the 4th of April, it confirmed it to Bloomberg news. 
Facebook Messenger
Snoopy, snoopy 

Yeah, yeah, I can see you screaming and fuming right now. But wait, it might actually be a good thing. What happens is that Facebook's computers scan each Messenger message for malicious or questionable links or images. If the computers find something suspicious, they pass the message on to human moderators, and if the humans determine that the message does contain objectionable content, it is blocked or deleted.

You might ask? what then are they looking for. Apparently, Child Pornography, Malware and Incitement to Pornography for starters. Yes, the internet can be a wicked place. Countries like Myanmar can tell tales of them being victims of social media incitements to riots. 

So yeah, if you want to do shady things please stay off Facebook. They are watching you. Or better still, do not do shady things. 

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