India would be the next country to get a burgundy red Samsung Galaxy S8

India truly wants to take its tech game up to another level. They have shown no fear in challenging either the Chinese, Russians or even the Americans. And as such major Companies are taken note. Companies like Samsung. 
This New colour S8 are stunning.
Maybe that is why India is the first in getting the burgundy red model of the Samsung Galaxy S8 The new color is part of a series of moves Samsung India is making to increase the appeal of the older S8 and S8 Plus phones after the launch of the newer S9 and S9 Plus. Samsung India cut prices for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus earlier this month, presumably because they cost nearly as much as the S9 and S9 Plus. Anyone with around 57,900 INR ($891) to spend would probably prefer the newer, better-speced model. Of course. 

The burgundy red version was already available in South Korea, where it was first launched just months before Lunar New Year. The color still isn’t available elsewhere. The S8 in burgundy has the same specs and design as the original S8 as usual. The Galaxy S8 will come to India on April 13th at the cost of 49,990 INR ($769.85). Major retail stores will also offer cash back values of around 10,000 INR ($154) for even further discounts.

If India continues its upwards trajectory in Tech like this, it would be good not only for the country and its over 1.3 billion inhabitants, but also the entire Middle-East subcontinent. 

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