Google wants Fuchsia to be so good, it might replace Android

Google’s Andriod devices do not have that kind of seamless connection between themselves and their Chrome book cousins, unlike the way iPhones have with their MacBooks or even Windows Phones and PC. Thus Google has decided to something about that by releasing Fushia. 
Google andriod replacement or upgrade
And it has a beautiful logo too
Fushia is to be released early 2019. Its user interface comes in two animal-named versions; Capybara for the desktop, and Armadillo for mobile. The OS is built using a brand new kernel called ‘Zircon’, instead of using Linux like Android does, and it’s all designed to be continuously upgraded. It would also aim to solve the fragmentation problem that Android suffers from. 

Fushia would contain a feature called ‘Ledger’ which will synchronise all your devices together, letting you start writing something on one machine and finish it on another. Apps for Fuchsia can be made using Flutter, a Google-made software development kit that is already in use for its existing operating systems. Also, Google Assistant would play a major, major role in Fushia. 

It is nice to see Google trying to catch up in areas of the tech industry where Apple and Microsoft currently dominate. It definitely would be better for the whole sector. 

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