This Huawei smartphone actually drove a Porshe. With nothing but AI.

Hmm. So what do you do if you as a company has made your phone so smart and powerful through AI (Artificial Intelligence) you can't explain it to them. Well you show it to them, by making it drive a car. 

Huawei in conjunction with some tech experts and journalists decided to hook up a Porshe, with its latest Flagship, the Mate 10 Pro. The goal is for the Mate, to drive the Porshe. Of course, the driverless technology here is nowhere near as advanced as those from other established automotive manufacturers, but that's not Huawei main goal. 

To make things clear, there is no lidar or radar system in use here, which are the more advanced systems the car companies use. Instead the Mate 10 Pro is plugged directly via a HDMI cable) to a roof-mounted high-speed CAMERA. Yes you read that correctly, entrust a human being's life, in an expensive Supercar with the connection being an HDMI cable. Then this camera relays a live feed of what's ahead of the car to the phone, and it's up to the Mate 10 Pro to process what it's seeing and then make decisions on its actions.

Then the phone then communicates actions to the robotic drive system, telling the car to keep going, swerve left, swerve right or stop. Mind you, all the computational processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence is done on the handset itself, with no external system provide any additional support.

To be honest with you, the car must be somewhat "trained" on both the route its going to follow, obstacles to avoid, and procedures to follow, before this exercise can take place. But still, just imagine. An supercar, driving autonomously, with nothing controlling it than an AI powered phone. So next time you get cockyheaded about your latest Apple or Samsung device, just remember that a Huawei actually drove a car. A task which hundreds of millions of people around the world still cannot do. 

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