TheSmart Fortwo EV Cabrio is the mini car designed for the big city

Sometimes all you want to do is to move around from one place to another without bothering so much about either your car, parking space, or maintenance. You just want to get up, get in, and go. Well if that is the case, then the Smart Fortwo Cabrio EV was designed for you. 
The Small Smart Fortwo Car

The car which costs around 28,000 dollars is all electric, so it uses an electric motor. You can also customize it because it can become a convertible. It also possess a 17.6kWh battery's which is capable of a range of 57-mile. The best part about everything, the car fits into the size of any pickup truck. Thus there is no parking space however how little you cannot conquer. A feature that would be highly appreciated in the dense cities of the world. 
More features of the car include a remarkable 11.4 feet turning circle, and a wheel base of 6 feet. It has a four-star crash rating from the NHTSA and also good ratings from the IIHS. While it does not support Apple Car-Play for now, Andriod Auto is fully onboard. So you might be thinking not bad. But because this car is tiny, you are restricted to carrying nothing more than light groceries or just a couple of handbags as luggage. Also, even the smallest of potholes can make the car rattle more than what you might be used to. 

All in all this car is definitely not for everyone. It is for those who just want to zip around the city without having any worries in the world thanks to parking or car maintenance problems, and feel happy doing it knowing the fact that they are not polluting the earth. Also the fact that Smart, the company is owned by Daimler, the owners of Mercedes Benz provides some wonderful reassurance over its quality. 

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