Tesla wants to equip offices and businesses with free electric charging stations

I am sure that by now everyone knows Tesla wants us to all switch to electric cars. Even if we don't buy their own brands just for the safety of the environment and the sustainably of the planet. 

Now to encourage more people to embrace electric transport, Tesla recently unveiled its new workplace charging programme. This would offer businesses and companies parking lots free Tesla wall connectors to charge their electric cars and It would also cover installation costs.

Of course there are some caveats. The stations would support only Tesla cars, and would not show up on the publicly available Tesla charging maps. Also the wall chargers are 240 volts, or “Level 2,” which is capable of charging a battery pack in some hours, so that means that they are not the fastest available. 

They say little drops of water make the mighty ocean. By taking little steps like this, Tesla is gradually removing excuses from people who are still skeptical of the electrical sector and encouraging those who have already keyed into it. One step at a time, we would get there. 

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