Tesla just issued its Largest car recall ever. What does this mean?

This are certainly not good times for electric car manufacturers. After a recent string of car accidents just like that of Uber, and another incident with a Tesla Model X, they have now started recalling cars over serious issues.

Recently, Tesla it was recalling a huge number of its Model S sedans around the world over a power steering issue. It told customers in an email that it was a proactive move and none of the company’s other vehicles were affected.

Some of the details Tesla said was 123,000 Model S vehicles that were built before April 2016 were affected. No injuries or crashes have been reported in connection with the problem. Before today, its largest Model S recall was when 90,000 of the vehicles were affected in 2015 by a faulty seat belt. And last year, it recalled 53,000 Model S and Model Xs over a parking brake fault. In an email, Tesla said it had, “observed excessive corrosion in the power steering bolts,” but that the problem was most prevalent in colder climates where road salt is used.

So what does all this mean. Especially for the average customers. And electric car companies really do need the average customers for them to get mainstream. Well no new technology comes without it having some teething problems. So this is the electric car Industry own. Like all phases, this too shall pass. 

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