Right All you need for a Volvo XC40 is your iPhone

In today's world, thanks to Technology, everything is possible. Just take an issue of purchasing a car. A few years ago in order to buy your car a lot of planning went into it. Now you can do all these with just a few taps on your phone.  

Big car manufacturers like. BMW, Lexus and Volvo have all started selling cars via subscription. The Care by Volvo program gives you an all-wheel drive XC40, insurance, routine maintenance, roadside assistance and no money down for $600 a month. That sounds pretty great, but it's also super easy to sign up. Now you can sign up and pay for your monthly car sub via an iOS app and Apple Pay.

Of course, You can use any iOS device to run the Care by Volvo app, of course, and bot Touch ID and Face ID work to authorize the payment. The app allows you to take a virtual tour of the XC40, configure your own with options and fill out your details for the subscription. All of this right from the app — no need to visit the website. Once you submit all your details, a Volvo concierge will get in touch to coordinate delivery.
So yeah what are you waiting for. As long as you can afford it, whip out your phone, and order your new Volvo. While at that, order one for us your friends at Techsledge.com too. 

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