Nvidia "slies" Uber. Does not want to be associated with the Company right now. 

Success has many fathers, failure is truly a bastard. After that fatal March 18 Incident in which an Uber autonomous vehicle killed a pedestrian, it has put not just the recovering company, but the whole self industry under the beaming searchlights of critics. And not just that, even it's own fellow tech companies are now criticsing the company. 

And one of them is GPU maker Nvidia. Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang just said that Uber’s self-driving cars do not use Nvidia’s autonomous vehicle computing platform. Uber develops their own sensing and driving technology,” Huang said during a Q&A session with the press at Nvidia’s annual GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California. 

In other words while, Uber does use Nvidia’s standard GPU, but it does not use the company’s self-driving vehicle platform. An Uber official has confirmed that it only uses Nvidia’s standard GPUs.

And it is just not Nvidia. Other important personalities and institutions like Intel’s Mobileye publicly criticized Uber’s system. Also, Arizona governor Doug Ducey, a pro-business politician and champion of autonomous vehicle technology, took the unusual step of suspending Uber’s testing in the state. Finally what Velodyne, which supplies Uber with its LIDAR sensing technology, tried to preempt questions about its product. A Velodyne executive said its laser-based sensors were able to spot the pedestrian involved in the crash, suggesting that the flaw lay with Uber’s software.

Hmm. When you are down, you are really down. Uber is going through a rough patch similar to Tesla, but what is sure is that it would get through it. It has too. It needs too. 

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