Meet the World's first nuclear-powered airliner. A Supersonic concept plane that could fly from London to New York at 1,150mph in THREE hours using a mini-fusion reactor

Wow wow wow. For all you frequent fliers this is good for you. These new eye-opening designs propose a future of flight that is both supersonic and eco-friendly.The spaceship-like plans for the HSP 'Magnavem' feature a streamlined ship capable of reaching a top speed of Mach 1.5 (1,150mph/1,852km/h). 

The hypersonic plane would cut travel times between New York and London to just three hours, more than halving the duration of current flights. Yes just 3 hours between 2 continents. 

Better still, environmentalists would be pleased to know that, the amazing aircraft will produce zero carbon emissions, thanks to the compact fusion reactor that will power it. According to the designer, Oscar Vinals, the craft, which he hopes will revolutionise the aeronautic industry, will run primarily on a compact fusion reactor (CFR).

Overall Mr Vinals believes his lightweight aircraft could carry some 500 passengers, and due to the technologies he proposes using, the 'Magnavem' can be recharged extremely quickly. Nuclear fusion is the process by which the sun works. Compact fusion reactors will mimic that process within a magnetic container and release energy in a controlled fashion to produce power that the aircraft would use.

Mr Vinals, who is from Barcelona, Spain, has said that he had been working on the designs for more than a year. An internal AI system would optimise the craft's functions, while plasma actuators control the airflow to the wings and over the fuselage.The chosen name, 'Magnavem,' comes from the latin 'magna avem,' meaning 'big bird.' While the craft could theoretically be built today, Oscar said, certain technologies are still in the 'embrionary stage,' and so 10 to 15 years of advancements may be needed in order to complete such a flying vessel.

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