McLaren releases 570GT MSO and would only sell 100 units

So I just wrote about The latest Lamborghini concept car which made a lot of our readers drooling. But we have not forgotten about our McLaren fans. The company has released the McLaren ‘570GT MSO black collection.

McLaren ‘570GT MSO black collection

The company said some of its features, are a new bespoke carbon black paint, fitted with a defined titanium super sports exhaust, which is enhanced with the sports pack dynamic handling package. Now before you get too excited, the kicker is that it is limited to just 100 models globally. So yes only a 100 lucky few would be privileged to drive this beauty.

McLaren ‘570GT MSO black collection

To make you even more jealous, the stealthy shade continues to cover the standard-fit dark palladium components, which includes front and rear splitters, side skirts and air intakes. finally, the model is completed with the 5 twin-spoke lightweight forged wheels with a new gloss black diamond wheel finish.

McLaren ‘570GT MSO black collection

And all this is beneath the standout panoramic roof, which is unique to the MSO-defined ‘570GT’ models, the interior merges luxury with sportiness. The MSO black collection trim details jet black leather with carbon black Alcantara accents on the center tunnel, lower instrument panel, headliners, steering wheel and speaker surrounds. the sports seats, enhanced with electric and heated memory, are wrapped in semi-aniline leather that, on closer inspection, features the MSO logo embroidery on the headrests.

 I applaud the design’s high attention to detail, even the MSO-defined ignition key is also painted in carbon black.

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