Mazda wants this Kia Concept to be the future of Car Engines.

I am sure that there some people out there who might already be sick of constantly hearing about electric car this, autonomous car that. There are some car enthusiasts who just want to drive their cars, without leaving all the work to a machine or software.

But they do know that current fuel cars today are a significant part of the global environmental problem. As a result of their emissions. Well Mazda is here to rescue you. Mazda’s process of teasing its interesting and striking future continued at the 2018 New York Auto Show where they showed the Kai Concept.

The Kai Concept which was already revealed last fall in Tokyo Japan, now has even more significance. First, it’s likely a preview of the next Mazda 3 hatchback due next year, and second, that car holds Mazda’s gamble that the internal combustion engine can be cleaned up to satisfy ever-stringent global emissions standards.

The company’s bet is on SkyActiv-X engines. Mazda hopes that it can make gasoline engines that are as efficient as diesels without the emissions problems that have given diesel engines such a terrible reputation. Through some crazy engineering manouverings, Mazda’s engineers say they’ve figured out many of the efficiency losses for the internal combustion engine, while insisting carmakers should perfect that electric technology before placing the futures of their companies on it. 

Another thing is that Mazda is also banking on the fact that people will still want to drive their cars in the near future, so new cars inspired by the Kai will be lighter, more agile, and have interiors that don’t intimidate drivers with gigantic screens. 
So while we eagerly look forwards to the future, it is good to know that we have people that are taking care of our present needs. 

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