Lamborghini introduces the Terzo Millennio. A car to define the future.

Lamborghini unveiled its concept car, the Terzo Millennio. And as usual it is as gorgeous looking as a Lamborghini can be. Super gorgeous. Probably the most beautiful Lamborghini ever. But the underlying motive for releasing this car is not so beautiful. See lamborghini is at a cross road. A cross road between the coming advent of electric, autonomous vehicles and today's reality of gas guzzlers. 

Just ask Alessandro Farmeschi, the COO for Lamborghini America, who says “You don’t normally buy a sports car to have it driven by a computer”. Furthermore, Maurizio Reggiani, the company’s director of R&D, continues the thought. “If you ask one of our customers, do you want to have a chauffeur? No. The same goes for what powers the cars, For the customers, the number of cylinders is fundamental, just like horsepower. Despite what you might think, Lamborghini customers do like tech inside their cars, but not the kind that takes away the fun of driving, talk less of the sound.

Therefore for a company which prides itself as being the fastest to get you somewhere, it needs to accelerate into the future, and not stay in the past. Thus, this is where the brainy scientists at MIT come into play. Lamborghini has officially confirmed that it is working with MIT professors and students to figure out how to use super capacitors in a way that simultaneously captures and releases energy, and investigating ways to build the car’s body and components with carbon fiber nanotubes that can act as and maybe one day replace the lithium-ion batteries that power today’s electric cars. A more crazy idea is for carbon nano tube structure, self healing. 

While Lamborghini has not yet officially confirmed that this means that the car is taking the leap on going electric, or even Hybrid, it can at least show us a template for the future. And damn that future seems interesting. 

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