Here are 5 Reasons To Buy Samsung's Galaxy S9 Over The Google Pixel 2.

What is the best android smartphone out right now. Well the answer is certainly not surprising, of course it is the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. But before March, people could bet it was the Google Pixel 2. So while they are both certainly the best of the best, here are 5 reasons why the S9 is better than the Pixel 2.

1. Slow Mo. Ask anyone. Slow mo is one of those features that you do not know that you need, till you leave it. On the S9, you can record footage in 720p at 960fps, stretch out 0.2 seconds of footage into 6 and auto predict on when to start slow-motion recording. And while the Pixel 2 was arguably the best camera phone till before the S9, it can only record 240 fps at 720p.

2. Storage. How far do you think that you can extend the expandable storage of the S9. Let me tell you. By 400 gigabytes. So while the pixel 2 can offer you unlimited Google cloud backups, you just can't beat having 400 gigabytes of storage on your phone. And yes, the S9 also offers cloud backups. 

3. Headphone Jack. Really? Really? Do we need to even argue this. Forget audio quality issues or space concerns. The 3.5mm jack is still one feature that offers you unparalleled ease. And the S9 offers this feature, while the Pixel 2 does not. Simple as. 

4. DeX. Your S9 is not just the best phone around, it can also double as a track pad, and and a keyboard. Don't forget it can power monitors of up to 2K resolution. Ask me, what extra hardware thing can the Pixel 2 do? Well it is still just a phone.

5. Samsung. And to the final reason. The very fact that the S9 is a Samsung product should sway you to buy. Samsung as a company has now adopted an human approach. They now listen. They kept the Headphone jack, and relocated the finger print sensor. They care. 

So there is ladies and gentlemen, I hope that I have been able to convince you that the S9 is simply the best android phone around. 

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