Google's Larry Page unveils Flying Taxi in New - Zealand.

So after creating one of the world’s biggest companies and redefining the internet together with his friend Sergey Brin, Google Co-Founder, Larry Page is busy pursing his own personal lofty ambitions. Larry Page has unveiled incredible footage of his flying taxi company, Cora. 

The company, Cora will take take to the skies in 2021 and act as an 'Uber for the skies', according to Kitty Hawk, the company behind the electric vertical take off and landing vehicle. It was built with funding from Page, the craft is designed to use self-flying software, which controls its 12 fans to provide lift-off and forward thrust all without the need for a runway.

Once the taxi is airborne, a single rear propeller pushes Cora through the air at speeds of up to 110 mph (180 kph) at altitudes between 500 and 3,000 feet (150 and 910 metres). The company is run by former Google X head Sebastian Thru. The project is also being run by Zephyr Airworks, formerly known as Zee.Aero, one of the two firms funded by Page to develop flying cars.

The goal is for one day users will one day be able to use an app being designed by the company to let hail a Cora, in a similar manner to an Uber. Cora has a range of around 62 miles (100 km) and is designed to accommodate two passengers. It has a wing span of 36 feet (11 m).

To provide peace of mind, Cora has three flight computers that operate independently, meaning it can continue to navigate if one of them fails. The vehicle also has a parachute for emergency landing if disaster strikes. Mind you Larry Page has invested over £70 million ($100 million) to two startups developing the technology. The New Zealand government has already agreed to let Cora carry out test flights in the country. All this with government legislative and policy backing.

So yeah, see you in 2021 when each of us would be able to enter our own private flying taxi. 

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