5 Android games you would love to try

Our phones today are not just used for calling and texting alone anymore. In short, they are now our primary source of entertainment: music, movies, books, you name it. We consume them on our phones. And of course, we play games on our phones too. Here are 5 good games for you to try.

5 Android games you would love to try
1. Altos Adventure: If you love snowboarding, mountains, summersaults and beautiful soundtracks, then this is a game for you.

Altos Adventure

2. Rules of Survival: You know Player Unknown Battleground (PuBG)? The game that has the whole world hooked. Well, this is something like its Android cousin.

Rules of Survival

3. Monument Valley: If you cant have enough of Mystery, while not guide "Princess Ida" on her trip. You would also love this game for its beautiful aesthetics.

Monument Valley

4. The Escapists: If you strangely love prisons, serving foods, and puzzles you would find this interesting. Also if you are an Old-school graphics fan, you are welcome.

The Escapists

5. Space Marshals: Do you love tactics? Do you love shooting? If your answer is yes to both, then you would love Space Marshals.

Space Marshals

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