World's first employee robot sacked for annoying customers

Due to the advent of modern technologies like AI, and robotics, more and more human jobs are at stake. The world would soon enter a fully-digital economy, but before then, right now, a robot that had a supermarket job has been sacked.

World's first employee robot sacked for annoying customers

The robot was part of an experiment run by Heriot-Watt University for the BBC’s Six Robots & US, Scottish supermarket chain Margiotta. Margiotta was offered to trial ‘ShopBot’, which they quickly renamed ‘Fabio’. Fabio was then programmed with directions and instructions to hundreds of items in the company’s flagship Edinburgh store.

Initially all was going well as it warmed its way to customers hearts with his ‘hello gorgeous’ greeting, playful high fives, jokes and offers of hugs.

But soon after the love story ended as the robot for some unknown reason kept on referring people to the alcohol section whenever they asked for other things be it cosmetics or even baby products. 

Though this might not seem like much of an offense, it really infuriated some customers. Also it can be a symptom of a larger problem like a software glitch or even probably an hacking.

Thus while we still have some way to go before the world is fully automated even though it is coming thick and fast, I suspect Margiotta wouldn't be laying off any of its human staff soon.

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