[Video] Volocopter unveils its flying taxi drone at 2018 CES

Drone Technology has made some pretty heavy strides in the last few years. They are not only getting more and more capable, they are getting much more smarter. This might be, thanks to Intel's cutting-edge technology that powers up a lot of drone technology.

[Video] Volocopter unveils its flying taxi drone at 2018 CES

Thus at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Volocopter, the German Drone Company wanted to demonstrate that it could lift people up in its Drone - an 18-foot aircraft. The company has made giant strides from its debut as a flying taxi car concept in 2013, completing manned tests in Germany, and Unmanned tests in Dubai. 

Dubai actually wants to use them as part of its autonomous Taxi Service in the Next few years. However, the Volocopter successfully lifted up at Las-Vegas even though it was behind bars and it was tethered to the ground, it represented a significant milestone in the history of drone technology.

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