This Dutch firm converts old Porsche 911s into electric vehicles.

Do you have per chance own a classic Porshe 911 and you still wish that you have an electric car to help save our planet? Well a Dutch company by the name of Voitures Extravert is now taking old Porsche 911s and turning them into electric cars.

Quintessenza is the name of the project, and it can fit : a 1970s or 1980s Porsche 911 with a modern electric powertrain underneath. A 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack provides a range of 400 kilometers (roughly 250 miles) and provides enough power to scoot the 911 from 0-62 mph in 6.0 seconds. Other nice touches like air conditioning and power steering are onboard as well. More surprisingly is the fact Voitures Extravert doesn't just plop a new electric powertrain in, but that it strips the original 1970s or '80s model down and rebuilds it to mimic a 1960s-era 911. Plesantly, the company will not touch actual 911s from the 1960s, noting their value and meaning to so many enthusiasts. Its mission is to put more classic cars back on the streets with a modern and reliable powertrain.

The Company Voitures Extravert also promises improved driving dynamics with the new powertrain since the batteries are mounted in the front and back to provide a more even weight distribution. Instead of the weight-biased rear, the company says a smoother ride is present with better balance. They also say that the Quintessenza is "reasonably priced" at 300,000 euros, or $370,000. Well they must be doing something right as all five of its production slots for 2018 are sold, and It will build just 12 cars in 2019. As emission regulations tighten up around the world, and it would improve awareness about the dangers of climate change, the company's solution could become quite a popular option. Let's just hope that other companies can also come up with up with their own innovative solutions. 

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