These headphones are made from recycled guns by Yevo Labs

At this years CES, Sweden's Yevo Labs has revealed a set of wireless headphones that incorporate metal made from seized illegal guns. But it is not at all illegal, and there is still some innovation going on. like the charging case and a band on the headphones themselves are made of a material branded Humanium.

These headphones are made from recycled guns by Yevo Labs

By the way, Humanium is manufactured by the Humanium Metal Initiative, who are also based in Sweden, and used by a number of Scandinavian manufacturers.

Even though the Price is quite expensive for headphones, coming in at 499 dollars, the company has an humanitarian explanation for this. Yevo's chief executive Andreas Vuralsaid 50% would be returned to the organisation that creates and distributes the metal. 


The Headphones also have a bit of an history to them. The first batch was made from Humanium created out of guns taken by the authorities in Latin America. Not only that, It took two years to figure out how to work the metal into the product.

Technically, the headphones makes use of NFMI (near-field magnetic induction) technology instead of wires. They also feature Bluetooth. NFMI is already an existing technology that has long been used in Pacemakers and Hearing Aids.

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