Scary! Facebook Artificial Intelligence creates its own language that humans can't understand.

Hmm, remember all those science fiction films that we all watch like Terminator, in which there are these machines that get so smart, they think and live by themselves, and eventually get so smart they decide that they do not need humans anymore and eventually try to exterminate us.

Well we are not yet at that level, but it seems that we might be making steps to get there. Fortunately or unfortunately, due to massive performance gains and increases in artificial intelligence and Machine learning our computer systems are getting smarter and smarter. Recent reports say that Facebook recently had to shut down its AI systems, because they had developed and was communicating amongst themselves in a language that the Facebook programmers did not initially code and was still couldn't understand. 

Though no obvious harm seem to have been done, but the very fact that this is happening means a lot. While it might excite tech enthusiasts and academics, it also lends credence to words of people like Elon musk, Bill gates and Stephen hawking that one day computers might get so smart, they might replace us. Hopefully, this does not happen but concrete steps need to be taken by both governments and private institutions to ensure that mankind quest for science and advancement does not eventually lead to his demise. 

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