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Meet the Cigarette Racing 515 Project One. A 3,100-horsepower, hypercar-inspired boat

Do you  remember Mercedes-AMG's Project One hypercar? Well apart it from it transitioning from conception to production this year, the concept is so awesome that it is has served as an inspiration for the latest speedboat from AMG's oceanic partner, Cigarette Racing.
Mercedes-AMG's cigarette racing 

The Company which is from Miami-Dade County in the USA used the opportunity of the 2018 Miami International Boat Show to unveil their latest product. The 515 Project One. It is based on the flagship Marauder series of boats. The thinking goes that since The Project One is destined to be AMG's fastest car, concurrently the boat inspired by it should be Cigarette Racing's fastest too. The 515 Project One  has dimensions of 51 feet and 5 inches to be exact, hence the "515" in the name. It has a special widened beam of almost 10 feet to provide more space for passengers. Cigarette Racing says the boat seats six comfortably.
Cigarette Racing 515

Structurally speaking, the hull is mostly carbon fiber and Kevlar, picked for the materials' low weight, low center of gravity, and high strength characteristics. So also is the deck, forward bulkheads, cabin liner, engine hatch, consoles and storage hatches.All these is powered by 2 top range Mercury Racing V-8 engines delivering a combined 2,700 horsepower with pump fuel and up to 3,100 horses with racing fuel. It is no surprise that the boat can reach speeds of over 225 km/hr. Just a reminder for those who don't know, the actual Project One is expected to come with over 1,000 horsepower and a top speed someone above 200 mph. Its powertrain will be a Formula 1-spec 1.6-liter turbocharged V-6 working in conjunction with four electric motors: one on the turbo, one on the crankshaft and two on the front axle.
Benz cigarette racing 515 concept 

Wow wow. Knowing all these just made wish I was a billionaire so I could purchase and enjoy all these luxury things of life. Well one day.

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