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KFC wants to start delivering food with drones

Recently the Kentucky Fried Chicken announced that it would combine its new smoky-grilled meal with its Kentucky Flying Object project. However, it comes with a slight catch. For now the service would only be available in India. Though of course more places are expected to follow soon quickly.

KFC wants to start delivering food with drones

Customers are expected to be able to control the drone online through an App. Apparently, this is not the first time that KFC has been innovative. This mini-drone surprise comes just months after they released a chicken box which had a built-in phone charger. 

The "Watt-A-Box" came at no extra cost to customers who purchased a £1.50 meal in India. Even though the drone is still a Bluetooth quad-copter, I don't think that customers' excitement would be damped. 

KFC wants to start delivering food with drones

Well, I am sure that you are quite eager for KFC to quickly roll out the scheme in your country. Just imagine, KFC chicken coming down from the sky into your front yard, which you can control with your smartphone. Delicious.

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