Drone performs world's first unmanned ocean rescue in Australia

Technology can produce cool new toys, gadgets and gizmos that can all tickle our fancy. All those brand new hyper electric cars, 8K TVs and awkwardly insane inventions... But how about some real life applications of this new tech evolution that is not just for fun? Reportedly, a drone in Australia has performed the world's first unmanned ocean rescue.

Drone performs world's first unmanned ocean rescue in Australia

The Drone helped save the life of 2 teenage swimmers in the Australian City of New South Wales. It did it by locating them in their turbulence, and then dropping a floatation device unto them.

Apparently the organization in charge, Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service Head, Tim Jago had already said they had been testing drones for two summers, but had not used the technology before for rescues.

Drone performs world's first unmanned ocean rescue in Australia

Two teenage boys had been seen in distress about a kilometre north of the patrol area. They were aged 17 years old and 15 years old respectively, and were about 700 metres offshore in a swell of about 3 metres. 

It was a member of the public that reported seeing the boys, and remarkably, within two minutes the new drone had located the boys and dropped an inflatable flotation device to them. The boys then clung to the rescue pod and were able to swim to shore.

The Drones are so powerful that they can move at a speed of 50km/hr, and can orbit the surface of the water at an height of 60 metres. We just hope that more innovation like this follow to enable us to save more lives.

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