Amazon opens up the world's first automated store

This should come as no surprise to an avid follower of tech as more and more facets of human life are getting automated. This time, the shopping or retail industry is the one feeling the heat, and now with one of the world's most ambitious companies, Amazon, entering the frame, you should know that the race is on which company would control our future shopping experience.

Amazon opens up the world's first automated store

Amazon recently unveiled a shop that uses nothing but checkout technology. The shop is a grocery store that has absolutely no human attendant to it. The shop is located in the Seattle area of Washington, and it relies on cameras and sensors to track what shoppers remove from the shelves, and what they put back. When they are done shopping and are leaving, they are charged using their credit cards.

Considering the fact that Amazon bought Whole Foods company last year for over 13.5 billion dollars, one should expect more and more stores like this showing up in various other locations. Also the technology can improve so much that it can be applied to other established physical stores. Even Amazon has described the technology as a combination of computer vision and machine learning. Truly truly, Amazon is preparing it self for the future.

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