5 ways to successfully stay alive while driving in Lagos

There is a popular saying: "if you can live in Lagos, you can live anywhere." Therefore if you can drive in Lagos, you can drive anywhere. Seriously, you see, Lagos State is the most populous state in the most populous black nation in the world.

5 ways to successfully stay alive while driving in Lagos

Thus it has not just one of the world's highest congestion rates, but also one of the world's highest vehicular density rates. Therefore, a lot of foreigners are extremely shocked when it comes driving in Lagos. Here are 5 ways for you to do that, and stay sane while doing it.

1. Never contest for the right of way with the public transport buses or motorcycles fondly called "danfo" and "okada" respectively by the local residents. Believe me, they own the roads, so just take a chill pill and let them go even if they are wrong or risk bashing and damaging your car. And trust me, they would not pay compensation fees.

5 ways to successfully stay alive while driving in Lagos

2. Just like with the commercial transport opera, always be prepared to slam your brakes as regards to pedestrians. See in Lagos, pedestrians can literally run into the path of your vehicle with nothing but the hope that you have seen them coming. This is very prominent especially in the city's common traffic jams. So be extra careful, or else it would be a case of manslaughter.

3. If possible, try to drive a 4*4, or at least a car with good shock absorbers or better still a car with all of the above features. This is because there are some potholes on some Lagos roads that can pull out your bumper with just one contact. During the rainy season, it could even get worse as the potholes can combine to form a huge ditch that can turn your shiny roadster to nothing but a floating toy.

5 ways to successfully stay alive while driving in Lagos

4. Make friends with the right people, you would need it. In this case, the right people could range from police and local traffic authorities who can allow you have the right of way before others some times, to the local thugs popularly called "agberos" who might help you remove your broken down car from a flooded pothole. See 3 above.

5. Finally and arguably the most important information, always ensure you have some money with you when going out. This is because anything can happen at any time.

You might have noticed, the normal norms of driving don't really apply in Lagos. You would need to "shine your eyes". Driving in Lagos is like being in a constant fight with invisible forces. But once you get the hang of it, you can call yourself a true driving master. Goodluck. You would need it.

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