[Video] World's first fully self-driving car with no steering wheel unveiled

General Motors (GM), arguably one of the biggest car companies in the world has recently announced a new car that would be completely self-driving, with no pedals and steering wheels and it is scheduled to be released to the public just next year, in 2019.

General Motors unveils world's first fully self-driving car with no steering wheel

What makes this car special, (the car would reportedly be called the "Cruise") is that it is the first fully electric mass market self driving car that requires no human interaction at all. This is where GM beats competitors like Tesla with its model 3 and model s cars because while they have autonomous features, they might still  require human input from time to time. Meanwhile, this car has no steering wheel, thus you have no option of taking control.

`General Motors unveils world's first fully self-driving car with no steering wheel

GM President Dan Ammann in his own words said that "We believe this technology will change the world, And we’re doing everything we can to get it out there at scale as fast as we can.” He even said that 20 years from now, this point would be remembered in history as a pivotal moment.

Coupled with the fact that GM has a humongous Orion Township Car plant in Michigan, which is its biggest in its assets and which has been completely dedicated to building the cruise, coupled with their time tested track record (they did not become one of the biggest car manufacturers by chance), they are more than capable of hitting their targets, something which Tesla has notoriously been failing to do.

General Motors unveils world's first fully self-driving car with no steering wheel

Finally, while the car is so futuristic, it has a contemporary interior and demeanour that makes it feel familiar and appealing with customers. And with GM ability to price aggressively, (check the current plug in hybrid GM VOLT price) of which the cruise is a successor, GM is primed for success. 

They are also in productive and fruitful talks with the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which would help them operate legally in more places, sooner rather than later. This brings me to the question, are you excited or afraid of this kind of tech, considering the effects that It might have on Human jobs most especially drivers. I would like to hear from you. Leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

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