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Self-driving cars collide in a new record accident

Now this might come as a blow, or at least an unnecessary distraction in the quest for full self driving autonomy in the world. Two smart cars, a Tesla Model S, and a General Motors Chevrolet Bolt aka GM Chevy Bolt. They have both been involved in different accidents in California.

Self-driving cars collide in a new record accident

The Tesla rammed into the back of a fire truck. This is according to Culver City Town Fire Service. According to the owner, the car was in autopilot mode when it happened, and was going at The GM was also in GM own Cruise Automation Technology, then it collided with a motorcycle, causing the motorcyclist, Oscar Nillson who is a commercial photographer, serious injury. 

It was so serious that Local Newpaper The Mercury reports that the Oscar is now suing GM. Interestingly, Oscar has done some contract work for GM before. Of course, GM denies the charges, and claim that the Motorcycle Rider was at fault.

Self-driving cars collide in a new record accident

Current Californian Self-driving rules require that a driver needs to be always behind the wheel so that they can easily regain control at quick notice incase of anything, though the State Department of Motor Vehicle is currently considering rules that would involve tests without human drivers being involved.

Even though unlike the GM crash the Tesla crash did not have any injuries or victims, the United States National Bureau of Transportation (NTSB) said that it would still probe the crash. Maybe it's because Tesla has also systematically avoided responsiblity for the crash just like how GM did. 

It has said that the "autopilot is intended for use with only a fully attentive driver", and has instructed drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel while using the system. This feature was introduced after a similar model s accident in 2016 in which the driver died.

We hope as the Legal blows are swung to and fro, all the companies involved settle their legal cases and get around to making self-driving technology more reliable and efficient for the benefit of everyone.

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