Saudi Arabia Reveals Ambitious Plans to Join League of Nuclear Capable Nations

As more and more countries become more technologically advanced, the stereotypes of which country can have or control what is gradually being changed. At the recent World Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Abdul Malik AM Saberi, a Senior Saudi Government official from the King Abdullah Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy recently disclosed Saudi Arabia plans to increase its Nuclear capacity and infrastructure. He said that Saudi Arabia plans on building 2 reactors with a total capacity of over 3.2 gigawatts.

Saudi Arabia Reveals Ambitious Plans to Join League of Nuclear Capable Nations

Apparently, the Saudi Government is serious about this because about 5 different countries from China to Russia to the US to France to South Korea and even France are all jostling to get the juicy contract. Apparently, Saudi would announce the winner by the end of the year, and plan to sign a joint venture agreement by the beginning of 2019. Financial figures were not released, but finance does not seem to pose a significant challenge.

The kingdom estimates that by 2027, the project should have been completed. The kingdom is also planning on building 2 extra reactors with a capacity of 123 megawatts each. Once this is completed, Nuclear energy is estimated to supply over 5%of the kingdom total energy supply. With an annual electricity demand increase of over 7%, this project is timely to say the least. It would be only the second Middle Eastern Country to be Nuclear-powered, after the UAE.

Meanwhile it is not only Nuclear energy that the kingdom is focused on. Due to falling global crude oil prices, the kingdom intends to diversify its economic and energy supply more. It plans to generate a further 9.2 gigawatts of power from wind and solar energy by 2023. Meanwhile all along, it intends to create thousands of jobs for its populace. All in all, over 50 billion dollars has been budgeted to be invested in renewable energy resources by 2023. This makes one wonder, whether all countries can be foward thinking like the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the world would surely be a better place. At least environmentally speaking.

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