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Samsung reveals world's largest television

At a ridiculous 142 inches, it is nicknamed "The Wall".

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of customer electronics, what are the companies that would spring right into your memory. Panasonic? LG? Hisense? Do I hear anybody say Samsung?

Samsung reveals world's largest television

Well trust Uncle Sammy to dazzle us again this CES by official releasing the largest television in the world. At 142 inches, this "contraption" as I think calling it a mere TV is tantamount to slander is not just big, it is gargantuan!

Samsung reveals world's largest television at CES 2018

And boy it is beautiful, very beautiful. Any content that you are watching on it is so vivid, it is like it is pulling you in. In short, I think that we are really giving our eyes a sore treat with this kind of display. And we are not surprised, after all in the smartphone world where Samsung had a pretty good market share, its flagship devices - the Galaxy Note 8 and S8 have hands on, without doubt the best screens in the game with their 2K, Super-AMOLED Displays.

And it is another LED technology that is being used in this wonderful display. Samsung calls it MicroLED. Samsung says "it is a self-emitting TV with micrometer-scale LEDs — which are much smaller than current LEDs, and serve as their own source of light". The TV is also modular in nature, thus you can partition it to different screen sizes and usage scenarios depending on your preferences simultaneously. All in all, It is one hell of a TV.

Samsung reveals world's largest television at CES 2018

Finally, if you are on a budget, I am sorry but you might need to start saving up if you are thinking of getting this baby as it would not be cheap. Industry guesses puts it in the tens of thousands of dollars range. Well, what were you expecting?

So tell me, if you are lucky enough to get this TV what would you do with it? As for me, I would hook it up to either an XBOX One X and play FIFA 18 and GTA 5 for 4 hours straight. We would love to know your opinion on our Facebook page. Thank you

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