How Apple and Google can learn from each other for your benefit

Both Android and iOS have come a long way. Sometime ago, the differences between them was as clear as that of night and day, but recently they have started to become more and more similar. However, there are still lots of things both platforms can learn from each other. Here are some of them.

How Apple and Google can learn from each other for your benefit

To start with, Android is still the customization champ among both of them. Sure recently on the iPhone, you can perform little tweaks here and there, but you are still largely restricted to the famous grid structure Apple is universally known for. 

A design that has been going on for the last 10 years. On Android, all you have to do is install a third-party launcher. The same goes for Default Apps. On Apple, you are still largely restricted to the pre-installed apps for you to use for certain things. All web links open in Safari, all songs in iTunes. Though as usual there are some work-about, it would be nice if the option to choose came pre-loaded
Now let me switch over to Apple's side for a moment. For all of Google's experience in search, Apple still possesses the best Searching Function on Mobile. Spotlight displays not only what is on your phone, but what is online, contacts, and even navigational and locational information. Google can definitely take some notes. Also, continuity on iOS is a gem. 

The seamless transition of your information and work from your iPhone to your iPad to your Mac or even your Apple watch is best described than written. Google manages to replicate this feet in its Pixel and Chromebook Family, but for the Larger Android ecosystem, it is still not as smooth. 

Finally to those who don't use it, iMessage might not seem like a lot, but to its dedicated fans, it is a special place that not only facilitates communication, but can serve as a digital wallet too. And a secure one at that.

This comparison is not to say one platform is better than the other, Naa far from it. It is to say that they are lot that can still be done for customers of both platform. And if they are implemented, we would all be grateful for them.

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