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Here are 5 skills needed to build a self-driving car

You know how sweet and easy it is for for us to ride in self-driving cars. You know... You just enter, you sit down, and the car takes you wherever you want to go. Then we also know how incredibly difficult it is to make one. In fact it is so difficult, till date only a handful of tech and car companies have enough skill and manpower required to have a self driving car branch. So if per adventure you are thinking of starting your own autonomous car company, here are 4 skills you NEED to possess.

 5 skills needed to build a self-driving car

1. ROS (Robot Operating System): This is a basic framework for writing Robot Software. It has several System Organization Tools and Libraries. ROS is closely related to the AUTOSAR programme which a lot of Car Companies use, e.g. BMW.

2. Senior Fusion (SLAM): This stands for Simultaneous Location and Mapping, and is an essential part of Core Robotic Techniques. This can take a lot of time to learn, years at a minimum, so it is advisable for a starter to have a good understanding of AI and Robotics before proceeding to SLAM.

3. C++: This is a giving constant at this stage. Obviously excellent programming is expected at this level in order for one to be able to compile efficient machine code. Though there is no gain saying the fact that for before you reach this stage, you should already be a good programmer.

4. LIDAR: Light Detection and Ranging software is probably the most difficult of the bunch. Arguably the most important LIDAR equipment, the Velodyne, it can usually only be found in a few laboratories and companies. Thus you might have to venture out of your comfort zone to lay your hands on one to study and research.

Of course having possessing extra computational knowledge like OpenCV can be quite helpful. Good interpersonal skills, Harrwork and Tenacity are also required. I wish you all the best in your quest for building your own Self-driving car.

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