Here are 5 products from CES which you can buy right now

CES is always fun to look out for and anticipate as there are always various and diverse offerings from different companies to tickle the fantasy of both tech and non tech people. And this year was no different as over 4000 companies presented and showcased different products. 

Here are 5 products from CES which you can buy right now

But we all know that it is not all of them that would make it to the mass market as most of them would not live the conceptual stage. They would be in the famous "vapourware". So here are 5 different products we at techsledge.com picked out for you which you can purchase right away.

1. The Sony Aibo Robot: 
This cute machine is something that is made to appeal to your compassionate side. Featuring 2 cameras, each in the Nose and tail can  to help identify family members and map your home environment.

The Sony Aibo Robot:

It also features advanced engineering for fluid movement, more sensors on its body, and artificial intelligence (including more personality). All these amount to a whole new level of dog cuteness which even though costs 1800 dollars, it is guranteed to sell.

2. The Play Impossible Game Ball: 
This is an inflatable ball which syncs with an app over Bluetooth and was aimed to solve the increasingly social problem of kids and young people being too attached to their phones. 

5 products from CES youcan buy right now

It encourages fun activities with the ball like throwing, squeezing, shaking etc which was also designed to be played with human friends. And with it retailing at 99 dollars, it is expected to fly off shelves. At least for fitness sake.

3. The InstaView ThinQ refrigerator:
We all know about LG range of smart home appliances. From stove tops, dishwashers, to  washing machines and dryers. What makes this LG fridge special is that it features a 29-inch touchscreen that becomes transparent if users knock on it twice. 

You can also draw notes to the family on the screen, place virtual stickers, pull up recipes, and be notified of expiration dates on food, furthermore you can talk to it using Amazon Alexa. The cheery on top is that It features a wide-angle camera on the inside of the fridge that will let you remotely view your fridge to see if you’re out of foodstuffs.

4. The JBL LINK View: 
CES 2018 was truly the year of the smart assistants. On almost every product that you could find, either the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa would be present or even both. This was on products as diverse as TVs to Cars to Microwaves to Even Shower caps. 

The JBL LINK View:

With the JBL LINK View, you are getting an8-inch touch display and speaker that lets you ask Google a question or give a command, and along with getting a human-like voice responding to you. Customers would also be able to see the info on the screen, eg, a multi-day weather forecast, recipe, photos, a YouTube video, and album art for your streaming music. Being able to make free Google Duo video calls through its 5-megapixel camera is possible too. It is expected to be released by summer.

5. Lenovo Miraj Solo VR Headset: 
This is making headlines and quite rightly because it is first full stand alone VR headset in the world. What that means is that there would be no need to tether it to any laptop, console, or even put a phone into it. Thus definitely no annoying cables coming at the back of its head. 

Lenovo Miraj Solo VR Headset

It runs on the Google Daydream platform, and you can download content and games straight to its inbuilt 64gb of storage. You also pop in an SD card for more storage, and at 400 dollars, together with its bundled remote control, it can mean that VR can gradually start to get to the mainstream mass market.

Now of course there would be several honorable mentions like Hyundai's Hydrogen Powered Car, the Nexo, the World thinnest and most Powerful 13 inch Dell XPS 13, or even the photographers delight, AI powered Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro. For the more adventurous you can get the Toyota e-pallete which is a self - driving food delivery vehicle which can be ordered around to deliver products like an Uber or Lyft.

CES is always a great time for us Tech enthusiasts. Let just hope that they would be more great products at better prices for we the customers.

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