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GAC Motors presents the ENVERGE brutal concept car with gullwing doors

GAC is a budding Chinese vehicle brand with establishments in Asia, Middle East and Africa, and the automaker featured its brand offerings at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. The exclusive designs of its vehicles is what sets it apart from other Chinese vehicle manufacturers.

GAC Enverge electric concept car

However, in a twist, the company is already into the concept game with its new ENVERGE concept car making debut at the show in Detroit. This is a possible indicator of a wider reach and a growing company profile.

GAC Enverge electric concept car

The ENVERGE is very catchy with outstanding features and its inexplicable design is its selling point. It is electric and very futuristic especially with its gull-wing doors, digital dash screen and unconventional head and tail lights. Reportedly, it will have a range of 370 miles on a single (full) charge.

GAC Enverge electric concept car
GAC Enverge electric concept car

A very ridiculous feature of the car is the fact that the headlights would slide out and detach to serve a flood lights, a feature GAC nicknamed "G-Light". It's an SUV coupe (only two doors) with wireless battery recharging and stipulated time for a 240-mile range is just 10 minutes.

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