This Ethiopian Aircraft flew with only women onboard

Hey guys, this is a very interesting one and a breakthrough for women. Pretty sure feminists would be happy about it. So an Ethiopian Airlines flight with a Boeing-777 aircraft from Addis Ababa flew to Lagos, Nigeria in an all-women operation. I mean, from the pilot to the crew to the in-flight ramp operators as well as flight dispatchers on ground, all women. 

This Ethiopian Aircraft flew with only women onboard

It's quite a feat for the airline as this would be its second attempt after it had conducted same to Bangkok, Thailand. The successful operation was conducted on the 16th December, 2017.

The female pilot Capt. Amsale Gualu was thankful for an opportunity to make such achievement.

Reportedly, water canons were used to herald the aircraft upon arrival which preceded a ceremony organized on its behalf.

The airline's General Manager in Nigeria, Mrs Firiehiwot Mekonen intimated that the aim of the flight was to promote women empowerment and encourage more African women to pursue aviation careers.

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