Meet Yamaha's New Concept- The Cross Hub

Meet the Cross Hub, a subtle truck concept from Japanese tech giant Yamaha - world renowned maker of electronics and powerful motorbikes. If you still doubt about the future, take a look at this. The wild future is right upon us.

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

The Cross Hub's design is strikingly futuristic, inspiring, evoking and unconventional. The interior design pattern is rather off the regular with four seats arranged in a different manner. It's not clear if Yamaha intends to utilize space or probably a design stunt.

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept
This colourful interior is so astounding. I particularly love the orange seats with beautiful aesthetics running round from center console to steering to doors

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

Revealed at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, the Cross Hub merges the architecture of a crossover and the style of a mini-pickup truck.

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

Well, the details of the drive and powertrain are still sketchy as full specifications have not been announced yet by the company. If this concept pulls through, I bet it's going to hit the market so high with great returns.

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