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What we have here is the world's smallest handset and it's not your typical smartphone which is able to do a whole lot. Instead, it is a project which was borne out of the decision to see if it's possible to make the world's tiniest phone.

World's smallest tiniest phone - Zanco Tiny T1

Dubbed the Zanco Tiny T1, it is able to store up to 300 phone numbers as well as 50 SMS. It can equally work with any network carrier and has a nano-sim card slot with a battery standby time of up to 3 days.
World's smallest tiniest phone - Zanco Tiny T1

The Zanco Tiny T1 operates on a 2G network only and has a talk time of 180 minutes. “The creation of the Zanco Tiny T1 was motivated purely by the challenge of whether or not it was possible to create a phone so small,” said Robert Lattibeaudiere, operations manager at creators Clubit New Media.

World's smallest tiniest phone - Zanco Tiny T1
World's smallest tiniest phone - Zanco Tiny T1

Lattibeaudiere noted that the device is also good news for parents who want a way of being able to contact their young kid, without necessarily exposing them to the dangers of online influences and cyberbullying.

Price of the Zanco T1 starts at $40 according to Digital Trends and is expected to commence mass production with sales beginning in 2018.

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