[Satire] World's first robotic citizen beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Remember Sophia, the first robot to be granted a Saudi citizenship? She (it) was reportedly beheaded at a public square in the Saudi Capital, Riyadh. This puts the total number of robotic citizens at absolute zero.

World's first robotic citizen Sophia beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Sophia was reportedly dragged to the streets by an angry mob who stoned and drove her through the streets until her body was dismembered. However, her carbon fiber exoskeleton was more durable which informed the choice of the crowd to tie her to a trailer and drag her through the streets.

“That whore of Babylon had it coming to her,” Abdullah Hasan who was a member of the angry mob said. “She goes strutting around the city without a male escort, without a hijab, fluttering her plastic eyelashes at married men while expressing opinions of her own. What did she expect would happen?”

However, prior to the execution, attempts were made to gang-rape Sophia who happens to be built with impenetrable mechanical parts. While most of the society approved her execution, Sophia's designer, David Hanson - owner of Hanson Robotics expressed disappointment over the situation.

Hanson has indicated he would not be deterred by such mishaps and sets off to produce better and more sophisticated robots in the future. 

“My next robot will be a Roomba wearing a burqa, that should be roughly equivalent in functionality to what is currently permissible for women in Saudi Arabia," he said.

(This is only a satirical story, not to be taken seriously)

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